spanish week

I like to try new recipes, hoping to discover a new technique or a new dish that I can add to my "Family Recipe Book"... dishes that my family loves, that can be easily made and that I enjoy preparing. I usually plan the menu for the week, on a Sunday night... making sure that my number one fan and fierce critic likes the dishes I selected! ;)

This week was Spanish... I tried out a Paella Marinera, a Chicken in Saffron Stew, a Gazpacho, some Barcelona Style Cannelloni and a Valencian Lamb and Rice.

The Paella Marinera, besides the huge amount of research about its name, wondering if it was marinara or marinera and confusing spanish, Italian and American ways of describing the dish… the verdict was Marinera. The recipe was very good, but it’s a hassle to make. It has to be done at the “last minute”,… so this recipe is going to the family dinner recipe book only, and will never make it to a dinner party! 

The Guisado De Pollo al Azafrán (Chicken in Saffron Stew) had great flavors. But the texture of the stew was a little bit “off”… it was a little grainy because of the ground fried almonds and bread… I’ll probably have to modify the recipe if I want to do it again…

The Gazpacho (chilled Tomato Soup) was delicious. This recipe is a keeper. It is super easy to make, and can be made a day in advance, so the flavors develop overnight. The texture was smooth. Beautiful.



Thursday we had Canalones a la Barcelonesa (Barcelona style Cannelloni). The reviews were mixed. My husband and my youngest son loved it. My oldest son and me… not that much. The idea of a ground meat filled Cannelloni (different types: beef, pork and chicken liver) covered in Béchamel and Tomato sauce,… oven baked, with a golden melted cheese gratin finish is very appealing. The stuffing was not harmonious in my opinion… it gave me the impression that the dish was not complete.

We ended the week with Arroz Rosetxat (Valencian Lamb and Rice). The kids absolutely loved it! They ask for it every day since… :)) It is hearty and comforting. In my opinion, the recipe called for too many different types of meat: diced lamb leg, ground pork, blood sausage, white catalan sausage and jamón… this traditional recipe was made to use up the left-over meat and broth from previous meals. Since the ground pork is used to make meat balls, I’ll trade the diced lamb to the ground lamb version and make two sorts of meat balls: pork and lamb…