The Ditalini Problem

We love soup but Miami’s weather is not helping a lot! Always hot, always humid, by the end of the day you’re usually dreaming of ice cream and definitely not soup! :) 
After a few days of relatively cooler temperatures, I decided to try a recipe for Minestrone alla Genovese.

Each region in Italy, has its own version of this delicious soup. In some of them the pasta is replaced by rice or even potatoes to have a thicker consistency. In this case, you serve the soup with a dollop of Pesto on top.


The preparation is time consuming because of the long list of ingredients. It includes onions, garlic, parsley, beans, sage, pancetta, celery, carrots, tomatoes, basil, zucchini, green peas, cabbage, ditalini and more... The recipe is delicious, looks good, has a great texture, the flavors are deep, rich and comforting.

Minestrone alla Genovese

Minestrone alla Genovese

I was happy, thinking about my lunch for the next day,… leftover minestrone. This must be soooo good!

Well,… the next day,… for lunch… I found myself, facing a pot of oversized, overcooked, gigantic ditalini, and no liquid. No soup!!! The cute little pasta spent the night absorbing all the liquid available!
I have to confess, that I was horrified (and screamed).

Next time… I’ll cook the ditalini separately… and will add them directly to individual served bowls of minestrone.