There are some ingredients that remind me a lot of my mom. Mushrooms are definitely on the top of the list. She loved fresh mushrooms and depending on the part of the world we were living in, she struggled a little to find the white firm ones she liked the most… les champignons de Paris.

And the day she could find some, we would be sure to have mushrooms in the salad, in the main dish, and for snacking in between… the only thing missing, was a mushroom dessert! :))

Her signature “mushroom-application” was the “Riz aux Champignons”… rice with mushrooms… After a little family research, I learned that the recipe comes from my grand mother, but no one has it on paper… I love this dish so much, that I was able to recreate it,… it was one of my (many) ways to bring back kiki’s memory to my kitchen... with this beautiful dish.

The thickly sliced fresh mushrooms are cooked with a little bit of butter, salt and a pinch of white pepper. The rice is cooked in the liquid that the mushrooms were nice enough to create, and home made chicken broth… topping everything with toasted pine nuts. 

It’s simple, easy, delicious,… rich in flavors, memories and love.