Moroccan Style

I tried a few interesting Moroccan recipes... All come from the book: The Food Of Morocco, a journey for food lovers... Shlada Bil Litchine Wa Tamra (Orange and Date Salad), Shlada Bil Besbass Wa Zitoun (Fennel and Olive Salad), Kseksou Bel Hout (Fish Couscous) and Silk Bil Rozz (Swisschard with Rice).

The Orange and Date Salad was delicious, extremely easy to prepare and very refreshing. The light acidity of the oranges is balanced by the sweetness of the dates, and the toasted almonds give it a very delicate and unexpected crunch. We loved it… and I know that I’m gonna be making it again, very soon! Actually, this is the recipe I shared in the last newsletter. Let me know if you tried it out and if you liked it… you can leave a comment at the end of this post :)

The Fennel and Olive Salad is very easy to prepare too. The recipe suggests adding some finely chopped red chili, but I didn’t because I wanted the kids to be able to taste and like this salad. They love fennel, and I often give them cute little fennel wedges as appetizers when I’m a little bit late for their dinner… The boys have a long and passionate love story with olives… they will eat anything that has olives in it, on it, or next to it! :)) true little Lebanese guys!


We had also a Fish Couscous… delicious, really good! I love couscous, but never had it with fish… It was a nice discovery,… and a recipe to do again soon! :))

We usually cook the swisschard (silverbeet) in a Lebanese dish “3adas bi hamod”. If you want to translate it, that would be lentils in lemon, but it is actually a lentil stew with swisschard, small diced potatoes, fresh cilantro with lemon juice to finish the dish. It is very hearty, super comfort food and healthy!
In this moroccan recipe, the swisschard is cooked with the rice. The recipe was easy, and the result was delicious…  It can be served as a side dish for grilled meat or fish.