My Men

I was finally able to try new things and to succeed at making a Kebbeh that doesn’t shrink while baking in the oven. Those are good days in the kitchen… yay!

My brother lives far away from Miami… as he is planning to come and visit me, his beloved perfect sister, he’s actively thinking about the menu!! So I usually get a few nice requests, and some very hungry ones,… like “make some Caramelized Popcorn NOW, and send me a picture”!! I personally prefer salty popcorn, but there is no room for negotiation, he needs to make sure I master the recipe before crossing a sea and an ocean!… here we go,… some research, some cooking,… and caramelized popcorn it was! :)) Beautiful, flavorful, crunchy, really delicious… and a few hours later, in Florida's humid weather…. it was sticky, very sticky, all sticky, and by the end of the day, I had “one” huge popcorn ball! :(
We’ll make some when he gets here,… but we’ll have to eat everything as soon as it is ready. (we can do that! we always do!)


Everyone has a different Kebbeh recipe, and I have been asking, reading and trying to figure out the secret to keep the oven baked kebbeh from shrinking… It’s still a work in progress,… but the results were very satisfying,… shape, color, texture and most importantly taste! For some reason,… kebbeh is one of the dishes the kids won’t complain about eating two days in a row! I will remember that! :)) I served it with a yogurt and cucumber salad, and a side of red beets in tahini sauce.

I tried a new Italian recipe for a Spinach Pizza. It was so good, I wanted to make it again the next day,… this recipe is going directly in our family's recipe book. No need to try it again or to fix anything. Perfect.
Just writing about it, makes me want to do it, and eat it… again!

I had to prepare some Crêpes for La Chandeleur at the kids’ school… when my “mari-d'amour” saw that all the production was going for the school… he teamed up with the boys and nicely explained to me that I had to make the same amount for them to enjoy at home! :)) hahahahahaha (and of course, I did what they asked me to!!)