Rename Them!

Rename Them!

This past saturday, was Alexander’s birthday! The weather decided to cooperate after an ugly start, the kids had fun and everything was delicious… I was able to convince my son to have a "normal" cake and not one of those decorated-covered-with-fondant-cakes... after two weeks of intense negotiations, we had a deal: no Simba (Lion King) themed birthday cake,... but a lot of sprinkles! So sprinkles it was!! :)

The party was almost over. I was up and working in the kitchen, the backyard and everywhere else since 5:45 am! I was physically exhausted.  

I decided to finally sit down and have a cold drink with a very good friend of mine who stayed for a longer time (because I forced her to!). We had a constructive conversation about the birthday party, the kids, the (horrible) weather and the menu of course...

When she admits to me: "Those brownies! You know? I hate brownies... The way they look when cut, something almost disgusting about them. I dislike their texture, their look, how you feel it's uncooked and dry at the same time... I hate them... But yours!!! Oh my god! I just love them! I ate 8 pieces... 8... You should rename them... Don't call them brownies... No. NO! You should call them "lalalata"... Or better... "Habibilata"…

She’s not Lebanese, but I guess “Habibi” does not need a definition anymore! :)