Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to meet one of my “fans-followers”. The feeling is absolutely great. It is really nice to hear “live” comments from a complete stranger about my work, the pictures, the texts and most of all, about the recipes she have tried! :)) I just love it!
I know she will recognize herself… so here is an official “thank you”!!

It was mon-mari-d’amour’s birthday… I asked him to select a cake (any cake!)… After a full hour of serious research through my cookbook collection, he told me,… “I can’t choose! Just do something simple,…”
I ended up making a Paris-Brest from La Pâtisserie des Rêves’ Cookbook… It took me the whole day to prepare because the dessert required five different recipes to assemble into one and I was interrupted by the kids, on average, every 3 minutes! You have to love summer recess…

The end result was good for a first trial… but the crème au praliné amount is definitely too small, and I had to do a second batch of the cream recipe for the dessert to look good.

note to self: Urgently work on the meaning of “simple”.