C is for Cookies

A chef’s reputation can be sweet,… and extremely cute when it comes from an unexpected fan! :))

Being invited to kids birthday parties and organizing parties for your own children, you quickly realize the importance of the “goody bags”…
I had a hard time understanding the concept to start with, and the “purpose” of bags filled with useless plastic gadgets that have a sneaky agenda: make your kids fight, scream when the “goodies” brake one after the other or choke!
I put my cooking into this, and always offer a selection of delicious plain cookies, with a cute message and specific shapes relative to the occasion. The favors are a huge hit and they became my signature… everyone waits for “Rafaella's Cookies”! 

Last week, we had a couple of friends with their kids for lunch. They were getting ready to leave when their youngest daughter who is 2 and a half years old, started crying and screaming “cookies” !! “cookieeees”… “where are my cookies????”
The cute little girl expected the usual favors, because that’s the way it should be. Birthday party or not! hahahahaha

The expectations are high,… and you’re not allowed to disappoint in any way.