Glimpse of hope

My very good friend “T” and I met for lunch at a restaurant a few days ago. We had just finished our salads, when the waiter came to ask us if we would like a coffee and a dessert. I looked at him and said: “hmmm YES, please… a coffee. I would love a cup of coffee.”
Andres, the waiter, stopped smiling. He rounded his shoulder, and looked at me with pity… “Oh! I’m sorry, but we don’t have espresso.”

I was surprised and amused by his reaction: “How did you know I wanted an espresso?”

He was polite enough to tell me that after some experience, he recognizes the customers who would prefer an espresso over a cup of regular american coffee. hahahaha I assumed that he was not completely honest, but I accepted the answer laughing. We both knew that it must have been some details in my accent, behavior, expression… :))
“T” asked for a cheese cake and a cup of american coffee… As the waiter was walking away, I succumbed to my coffee envy and asked for a cup too.
Andres lifted his arms and said: “Let’s settle for mediocrity!”
 !!! haaaaaahahaha